No need for complex installation manuals 

theMonimoto 7 can do everything by yourself in 5 minutes.

Wire-free, batterypowered, easy to set up, auto arming motorcycle GPS tracker system.

2 yearwarranty,2 months free subscription and only £36 for the year after that. 

  • Calls your phone if movement is detected,
  • then updates smartphone app with location
  • 2G and LTE-M works across 39 countries in Europe, seven in Asia, plus New Zealand,
  • Australia and USA and
  • WiFi location data-compatible (for indoors, out of GLONASS GPS range),
  • though not enabled at time of testing
  • IP65 rated for protection against low-pressure water jets
  • (so fine tucked into the bike)
  • Unit uses two readily-available Lithium AA cells
  • Fob avoids false alarms (uses one CR2450 cell)

Monimoto Smart 7 Motorcycle GPS 5G Tracker

  • Brand: Monimoto
  • Product Code: MM7
  • EAN No: 4772056000162
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Monimoto Smart 7 Motorcycle GPS 5G Tracker

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