Snooper Truckmate Pro S6800 is the latest addition to the Truckmate family, dedicated to creating routes specifically for HGV's, trucks and larger vehicles. Truckmate S6800 incorporates a large 7 inch widescreen LCD, giving truck drivers a clearer view of Truckmate's unique satellite navigation software and is compatible with Snooper's very own tyre pressure monitoring system, Tyre Pilot. Tyre Pilot delivers alerts to any tyre pressure or temperature changes whilst driving, ensuring safety and fuel efficiency throughout any journey.

Truckmate S6800 features also includes Snooper's award winning speed camera location technology, which provides personal alerts to warn of speed traps and hazards, while the built-in My Speed® technology displays the speed limit and advisory speed limit for trucks and heavy vehicles on virtually every road across Europe.

Snooper Truckmate S6800 - What's new?

Truckmate European Mapping.
All New Truckmates will now contain full European mapping for the same price as the previous UK & Ireland versions. Navigating drivers across UK/ROI & Europe, easily and stress free.

Tyre Pilot compatible.
For safer and lower cost motoring, Truckmate Pro S6800 is compatible with our latest driving aid, Tyre Pilot, a tyre pressure monitoring system. Display the pressure and temperature of your vehicle’s tyres on screen with the added benefit of audible alerts to pressure drops and abnormal temperature increases.

Tyre defects contribute to over 3% of all vehicle accidents and are the main fault attributed to a vehicle incident. Monitoring your vehicle’s tyres whilst driving and ensuring they are correctly inflated could save you up to 10% in fuel charges, extending tyre life by 35% and reduces the chances of an accident or blow-out.


  • Free Lifetime Map European Updates (Includes UK/ROI and EU)
  • Here® Maps for Life transport data
  • Junction view and lane guidance for safer driving
  • Tyre Pilot, Tyre pressure monitoring compatibility
  • Air1® AdBlue filling point locations

Snooper S6800 DVR 7" bus & coach sat nav with extended european mapping

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Snooper S6800 DVR 7" bus & coach sat nav with extended european mapping

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