TPU Cases

What's the best kind of phone case? Should you go with an armoured case which will protect your phone from everything other than a nuclear blast, but which can make it a bit bulky? Should you go with a leather case, which will often have a flap or cover - great for protecting your screen but where do you fold it when you want to make a call? Or do you go for a flexible TPU case, which offers less protection, but is slim, low-profile and non-slip?

TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane, which is a type of plastic that while being very resistant to damage, is still very flexible. It also has a high transparency so your phone will feel like it's not wearing anything!

Why spend hundreds of pounds on a phone which has been designed superbly to feel and look great, then hide it with a case? Surely it's better to let your phone look and feel its best, while at the same time offering some basic protection? Combine it with a screen protector and you'll be insulated from most types of casual damage, whilst attracting admiring glances from jealous wannabees.

Pama's range of TPU cases are specifically and carefully designed for each phone model so controls are easy to reach but delicate bits are protected.

Look good, feel nude, be safe!

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