Cardo rider FREECOM 4 - Bluetooth communication and entertainment system
(Single set with cable and hybrid goose neck microphone)

The Cardo rider FREECOM 4 is the top-class Bluetooth communication system from Cardo, the world market leader for Bluetooth communication. It offers a variety of innovative features and is stereo Bluetooth headset with Bike-to-Bike Intercom for up to 4 participants in conference and 1,200 meters range, driver pillion Intercom, RDS FM radio receiver in one. The voice instructions from your navigation device (e.g. TomTom Rider or Garmin Zumo), telephone calls from up to 2 mobile phones or music are forwarded directly to you in the best sound quality. An integrated RDS-FM radio receiver with 6 pre-programmable memory completes the lavish equipment of this communication device.
The FREECOM 4 can be attached to almost every helmet in just a few minutes and put into operation.

Equipment and features:

Intercom connection (2 compatible headsets are required):

    Fully duplex intercom system with Bike to Bike Intercom with up to 4 participants in conference (alternatively also shuttle operation) and 1,200 m range
    Driver-to-passenger counter-intercom (voice-controlled or manual)

Mobile Phone Connection:

    Simultaneous connection of 2 mobile phones
    individually adjustable speed dial number
    Voice-controlled call answering and rejection (Vox technology) - Your hands always remain on the handlebars
    voice-controlled call function or voice dialing (mobile phone must support voice control)

Sat Nav.-Connection:

    Connection to compatible Bluetooth navigation devices (Bluetooth headset profile required) for transfer of the navigation instructions (e.g. Garmin Zumo, TomTom Rider)

Further features:

  • Full 4-way bike-to-bike conferencing at a range of up to 1.2 km(1)
  • Cardo Gateway for intercom with non-Cardo devices
  • Intercom Toggling with 3 other riders
  • Click-To-Link for spontaneous intercom conversations with other cardo near-by devices MUSIC/RADIO FEATURES
  • Built-in FM Radio with RDS and bike to bike Radio Sharing
  • Stereo Music Streaming (A2DP) with Music Sharing between rider to passenger


  • Mobile Phone Operations - Make, receive, reject calls; speed-dial & conference call with intercom
  • Bluetooth Connectivity with 2 devices - Mobile phone/GPS
  • Parallel Audio Streaming GPS instructions continue during intercom calls


  • VOX Accept/Reject incoming calls hands-free.
  • AGC (Automatic Gain Control) Automatic adjustment of speaker volume level according to ambient noise and riding speed
  • Voice assisted menus (multilingual)


  • Cardo SmartSet App for Android and iOS devices
  • Cardo Community web platform for settings customization and software updates
  • Slim HD 40 mm Stereo Speakers (replaceable)
  • Hybrid/ Corded Microphones (interchangeable)
  • IP67 Certified Waterproof and dustproof
  • Talk-Time 13 hours

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Cardo Rider Freecom 4 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

  • Brand: Cardo
  • Product Code: BTSRF4
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Cardo Rider Freecom 4 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

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