Cardo Glossary


The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile is a Bluetooth profile that enables the wireless transmission of stereo audio from an A2DP source (a phone or MP3 player) to an A2DP receiver (your Cardo communication system).

A2DP Music Scan
Available on G9x
Hear the first few seconds of each track before choosing which song to hear. You can stop the scan at any time by saying any word loudly into the microphone.

AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
Allows your unit to adjust the audio volume according to the level of ambient noise and riding speed, so that the volume will automatically increase in louder environments, allowing you to continue your conversation without the need for adjusting the volume.

The Audio/Video Remote Control Profile is a Bluetooth profile that allows Bluetooth devices to control media playback on remote devices. It can be used for next/previous track selection and pause/play functions.


Cardo Community
The Cardo Community is an online platform that will enable you to take full advantage of the social features on your scala rider G9x or cardo SHO-1 – giving you access to the ultimate social network for bikers. Connect your unit to the Cardo Community via your PC or Mac* and you will be able to customize its settings, add intercom buddies, set up or join riding tours and more…

Click-to-Link Intercom
Available on Q1/Q3/G4/G9/G9x and cardo SHO-1
For the social monster inside you. Spotted another rider nearby with a Cardo device? No need for pre-pairing– just send them a Click-to-Link request and get chatting. The Click-to-Link feature can be disabled in the settings menu if desired.


DMC (Dynamic Meshwork Communication)
An intercom mode for multi-party calls over a virtual private network for up to 10 riders.

Default Mobile Phone
If two mobile phones are connected, you can answer calls on either of them. When you wish to make a phone call, your default mobile phone will be used.

Dual HS Profile
Units with dual headset profiles are able to connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time, allowing you to connect two mobile phones simultaneously, or a mobile phone and a GPS device.


Available on G9/G9x
The scala rider G9 and G9x contain accelerometers which are used to detect and monitor acceleration and vibration. When two units are bumped together, they initiate a pairing sequence within seconds. You can ‘flash-pair’ 1+8 buddies and your “A” and “B” channels.

FM Radio with RDS
Keep up to date with the latest news, traffic and weather reports from local FM radio stations. With 6 station presets, you can flick through your favourite stations easily. Riding outside your local area? No problem! The RDS feature will automatically retune to the strongest available signal for the station to which you are listening.


Group Signal
You are in a group with other riders and wish to alert them about a potentially dangerous rock that has fallen on the road, or simply signal to everyone that it is time to take a pit stop. The useful Group Signal feature allows you to send an alert signal to all paired “1+8” intercom buddies simultaneously.


Hot Dial
Set up your Hot-Dial number via the Cardo Community or the SmartSet app to enable you to call that number at the push of a button. You can customize your Hot Dial number to suit any country or region.


Intercom Conference Mode
Available on G4/G9/G9x and cardo SHO-1
For riders in small groups that wish to hold 2, 3 or 4-way conversations with other riders.

When you are talking via the intercom and the distance between you and your partner increases beyond the intercom range, your intercom call can be diverted automatically via mobile phone, allowing you to continue your conversation with ease. To use this feature, you must configure your intercom buddy’s phone number via the Cardo SmartSet app or Cardo Community.

Intercom Toggling
“1+8” – Optimal for bikers who ride in groups, allows 1-on-1 intercom connections with up to 8 other riders with a range of up to 1.6 km (available G9/G9x and cardo SHO-1).

The Q3 has 3 different intercom channels with a range of up to 1 km
The Q1 has 1 intercom channel for rider-to-passenger intercom


Music Sharing
Available on Q1/Q3/G9/G9x and cardo SHO-1
Riding with a passenger has never been this much fun! Now you can listen to the same music together and groove to the soundtrack of your ride.


PLC (Packet Loss Concealment)
Your voice is transmitted as a digitally signal which is sent out in ‘packets’. Sometimes in digital communication, some of these audio packets may get delayed or corrupted and PLC technology masks these losses in your communication. PLC technology compensates for these holes by repeating the last or next received packet to minimize audio loss.

Priority Management
No need to manually disconnect from intercom or music to receive incoming phone calls or GPS instructions. If two connected audio sources try to play simultaneously, your unit will automatically determine which to play through the speakers based on the priority of the connected device.

Some models allow the user to switch A2DP and Intercom priorities – useful when using smart phone GPS apps which use A2DP for streaming audio.


Settings Menu
No access to the Cardo SmartSet app or a PC or Mac for the Cardo Community to adjust your settings? No problem. Many settings on your unit can be changed simply by entering the Settings Menu and listening to the audio prompts to enable or disable features such as VOX or Click-to-Link. You can also adjust the AGC and VOX sensitivity too.

Spoken Status Announcements
Hear audio messages to inform you which devices are currently connected, which radio station frequency you are listening to, and if your battery level is low.


Voice Commands
Control your unit simply using the power of your voice. With the G9/G9x and cardo SHO-1 you can start intercom calls, turn music on or off, move to next or previous tracks, and change radio stations simply by giving the relevant voice command. The advanced voice recognition software will recognize the command and carry out the desired action. The technology is currently available in six languages.

Volume per Mode
Your unit ‘remembers’ the volume level for each audio source individually, so you can blast out your music at one level, and talk on the phone at another level without the need to constantly adjust the volume controls.

VOX (Voice Operated exchange)
VOX is like a voice-operated switch that turns on when a sound over a certain threshold is detected by the microphone. Use VOX to answer an incoming phone call or to make an intercom call to another paired unit. After 30 seconds of silence, the intercom call will end automatically to help save the battery life.

VOX sensitivity can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences. This can be done via the Cardo Community, the Cardo SmartSet App or directly on the unit via the Settings Menu. Use the HIGH setting if it is too difficult to activate the VOX, and the LOW setting if the VOX activates when not desired.

VOX can also be disabled on your unit – useful if you like to sing along to music while you ride and not have the VOX open an intercom channel as you work your vocal cords to the max.