Monimoto is a smart GPS tracker for motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and other mobile property. This model (MM6) is a 2G and 3G device. Works in the UK, US and Europe.

Motorcycle theft is a growing problem - don't be a sitting duck! The Monimoto GPS Alarm System is very easy to install and is highly effective. It will instantly alert you if any unauthorised movement is detected. You place the device (the same size as a handlebar grip) in a concealed place on your bike and pair it up with the Monimoto app on your smartphone. The Monomoto Smart Alarm has its own power supply so you don't run down the battery on your bike and comes with a pre-installed SIM card with 2 months free GSM roaming. Easy to use, quick to install, this gives you peace of mind.

Also works for cars, camper vans, scooters and all road vehicles.

1 x Monimoto Device – 126x35mm
1 x Monimoto Keyfob – 41x10mm
2 x releasable zip ties
2 x CR123A batteries for Monimoto Device
1 x CR2450 battery for Monimoto Keyfob
1 x micro-sized international SIM card with 2 months free subscription

Monimoto Smart Motorcycle GPS Tracker MM6

  • Brand: Monimoto
  • Product Code: MM6
  • EAN No: 503074501361
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Monimoto Smart Motorcycle GPS Tracker MM6

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