Mio Dual Cams Detachable GPS Rider Dash Cam designed for use with Motorbikes.

Main Features:

  • Sony’s top-quality STARVIS™ sensor for front and rear cams
  • One-button emergency recording lock file
  • Built-in GPS with automatic positioning, time calibration and track recording
  • Built-in super capacitor

Premium CMOS allows you to see even in low light conditions
Sony’s top-quality STARVIS™ sensor for front and rear cams
Premium grade-STARVIS™ CMOS is used to increase the sensitivity of near infrared light; when shooting in environments with almost no light, the brightness can be increased by 4 times compared to general light sensors.
(STARVIS is a trademark of Sony Corporation)

Larger aperture allows the superior clarity of night vision
Front and rear F1.6 large aperture
Large aperture lens with low illumination CMOS sensor increases the amount of light entered and the brightness for night shooting. License plates are easier to identify with more guarantee of safety!

High quality, Full HD video recordings
Created to capture every detail, the MiVue™ M760D provides Full HD 1080p footage at 30 fps to ensure that all recorded footage is clear and indisputable.

Grasp travel routes at any time with automatic time calibration and positioning
Built-in GPS positioning system
The Main device includes a built-in GPS system that can perform time calibration and positioning automatically to provide accurate footage when necessary. Able to record cruise tracks to grasp the track of the journey all the way.

Important moments at the grasp of your hand
One-button emergency recording lock file
Through the GPS multi-function control box installed on the handle, a button can be pressed to activate emergency recording lock file immediately during emergencies or when needed to prevent files from quickly being overwritten.

Integrated WiFi for real-time footage viewing and backup
Immediately back up your videos to your smartphone or share them via the MiVue™ Pro app, with the device’s integrated WIFI. You can also update the Mio M760D firmware with WIFI OTA (Over-the-air) update, ensuring your device is always up to date.

Not afraid of rain when riding
IP67 waterproof design for the entire machine
Made of metal casing and fortified glass lenses, the Mio M760D is IP67 waterproof design for unfailing performance and ensure to use in rainy day.

Mio Mivue 760D Rider Detachable Dual Dash Cams For Motorbikes - with GPS

  • Brand: Mio
  • Product Code: MM760D
  • EAN No: 503074503235
  • Availability: In Stock
Mio Mivue 760D Rider Detachable Dual Dash Cams For Motorbikes - with GPS

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