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Pama was established in Manchester on 7th July 1981. The original Partnership was established by the Farshi family; father, mother and two sons, hence the name PAMA standing for Pa and Ma. Pama started as a retail operation, but having very quickly gained an understanding of the needs and requirements of the market, the company moved into wholesaling and distribution. Pama has always been involved in communication; in the early days it was CB, Radio or PMR products, then later a natural progression led to distributing Mobile Phone Accessories. This focus means the company have developed an expertise which is difficult to match. We now sell internationally across five continents, and domestically from the Highlands of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall.

The formula has always been the same. Initially retailing and gaining a full understanding of the product, market and retail issues, then moving into distribution.

Over the years Pama established itself as a valuable distributor picking up key brands such as Plantronics, Cobra and Parrot and at the same time developing and producing specialist innovative products such as the Pama Plug N GO and the Bluetooth sun visor handsfree speakerphone.

Today Pama boasts a successful distribution business in the UK, distributing key brands to many major retailers as well as over 2000 independent retailers, over 40 catalogues and e-commerce resellers.

Pama also comprises the following operating divisions:
Pama Export, sells to distributors in over 40 countries worldwide from North and South America to Europe and into Asia.
Pama Overseas Production, developing and producing Handsfree products for the Pama Brand and OEM and ODM projects.
Pama Retail, with 28 stores located in the UK Motorway networks under the Fone Bitz banner.
Pama Properties, owning and leasing both commercial and residential properties. Plus property development activities.
Pama Hong Kong, Established in 2006 with the plan to develop Pama into a truly global brand by offering OEM and ODM development of Consumer Electronics products.
Pama Stationery, Building on our 28 year proven customer service, Pama Office Supplies is now open with a full range of office supplies and equipment. Catering for all your stationery needs.

Pama as a company has grown organically and it is for that reason it is very proud of its heritage. Today walking through Pama you will see young men and women in management positions who may have started from the warehouse or the administration departments.

Pama's MD Kevin McHugh is 37 years old and has been with the business since he was 19. In the 18 years at Pama he has been involved in every department and also in developing some of them. This is true of the majority of department heads. This is why Pama employees understand the structure and ethos of what Pama stands for; Number 1 - Quality, Number 2 - Quality and Number 3 - Quality. These words continue to echo in each department and the corridors at Pama and are as true today as they where over 28 years ago.

To show Pama's ongoing commitment to both it's customers and it's staff we continue to run a Quality Management System that adheres to ISO 9001:2008 and our accreditation is with the British Standards Instition (BSi). It is through this system that we not only maintain, but improve a quality service to our customers. It is this senior management commitments that has enabled Pama to adhere to the standard for over 10 years.

Pama's Quality Manual can be found here.

Providing a reliable and efficient delivery service is vital to the success of our customers in this fast moving environment. Investments in IT combined with continuous service level review ensures we provide the best possible service. Situated close to Manchester, UK, our present facility boasts a 40,000 square foot warehousing facility and combined with an integrated software solution that allows Pama to meet the expanding requirements of both our UK customers and our overseas clients.

With this in mind Pama relocated to new premises in 2003. This operations centre is located in the UK with easy links to the nation-wide motorway network and incorporates our sales offices, customer services, and logistics distribution centre. The software system we have implemented also allows us to offer a direct fulfilment facility for our trade clients who have on-line retail outlets. Clients can market any product from our catalogue on their website and when a customer places an order we are automatically instructed to process, pack and despatch the item. This creates a 'virtual warehouse' scenario where our clients can offer an increased range of more diverse products without the need to expand their storage space and logistics.

Head Office

Kevin McHughKevin McHugh
Managing Director

Kevin has worked for Pama since 1991. He started his career with Pama as an accounts assistant. He then identified that this was a company he would like to manage. Within two years of working at Pama he announced that by the age of 35 he would be managing director. He then proceeded to work in every department through out the company from the warehouse, to sales and returns. He found a key role in technical and purchasing. At the age of 34 he took over as MD in 2006, this is his most challenging role yet.

"We have a great team of people, leaders and managers, we are in a mature market and will drive the company to achieve the quality we are so proud of."

Tel: +44 161 494 4292   -   E-mail: k.mchugh@pama.co.uk

Mike HopkinsonMike Hopkinson
Group Sales Director

Mike joined Pama in the Spring of 2007 as Group Sales Director. Despite being new to the industry he has brought a wealth of sales experience and a fresh approach to the role. Since his appointment he has prioritised building Pama into a globally recognised brand.

"Pama employs great people all of whom have a passion for quality - quality products and quality customer service. Combine this with a history of great product innovation and manufacturing capacity and Pama is ideally positioned to expand its worldwide distributor network."

Tel: +44 161 494 4293   -   E-Mail: m.hopkinson@pama.co.uk

Edi Farshi Edi Farshi

Edi, one of the founder members of Pama has watched the company grow from strength to strength. Edi is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and gets himself involved in all departments. His foresight has steered the company through the last 28 years in a fast moving industry to the success it has today.

"We pride ourselves on loyal, hard working talented staff who are committed to promoting the Pama brand."

Tel: +44 161 494 4290   -   Email: e.farshi@pama.co.uk

Ged PhilipsGed Philips
Group Sales Manager

Tel: +44 161 494 4213   -   Email: g.philips@pama.co.uk

Graham BarberGraham Barber
Purchasing Manager

Graham has been with Pama since 1994 moving up from the Technical Department to his current role of Purchasing Manager. Graham works closely with our overseas partners to ensure both the consistency of our current product ranges and the development of new product ideas.

"Our relationship with overseas factories and years of experience mean that we can recognise gaps in the market in order to develop and design products to fill these niches."

Tel: +44 161 494 4313   -   Email: g.barber@pama.co.uk

Pama has been operating as an innovator, producer, supplier and distributor within the communications industry for over 28 years. We believe that our continued success is due to Pama's ability to evolve within an ever-changing industry and our unique operational structure. Pama as a company has the ability to manage every element in the production and supply chain in-house.

We believe that this operational structure enables Pama to streamline the process of manufacture, distribution and marketing giving us a unique strength of capability within the industry. This comprehensive operational structure also means that Pama is in an excellent position to identify gaps in the market and apply its spirit of innovation to create new products.

Pama manages its own:

  • Innovation and design of new products
  • Production of products
  • Importation
  • Logistics run from our UK based operations centre
  • Marketing and promotion for all products
  • Supply of products to trade clients
  • Export of products to overseas clients
  • Product support
  • Customer service

1990 - Pama are the first to market with 12/24v chargers for use in commercial vehicles.
1990 - Pama introduced memory flex cables on all its in car chargers to reduce the risk of tangling.
1991 - Pama are the first company to incorporate semi intelligent charging in its car chargers to reduce instances of serious battery over heating and over charging.
1994 - Pama introduced the Hassle Free Handsfree
1997 - Pama introduced and patented the Plug N GO one piece plug-in and phone holder in-car unit.
1999 - Pama awarded Millennium Award for design by the British Art and Design council for Pama Plug N Go range.
2000 - Pama are the first to development Plug N Go Bluetooth visor kits.
2000 - Pama is awarded the Queens Award for innovation for the Plug N Go range.
2004 - Pama introduces the first sun visor handsfree kit
2006 - Pama introduces phone book SIM download with caller I.D (still unique on the market)
2007 - Pama introduces the first Bluetooth Push over the Air phone book on its visor kits.
2007 - In addition to Mobile Phone Accessories, Pama introduces a range of Multimedia products.

Pama has been developing and producing communication accessories for over 28 years. In the early days Pama introduced new innovations to the two way radios used by the Police, Ambulance and Fire department. As a natural progression Pama moved towards Mobile Phone Accessories and continued to innovate in that area. Pama now supply a full range of accessories, such as Bluetooth headsets, chargers and cases.

Winner of the Queens Award for Innovation and the Millennium Award from the Design Council, Pama today supplies over 40 countries worldwide spanning from North and South America to Europe and Asia.

At Pama not only do we develop and produce our own products, but we are proud to distribute for such large names as:

  • RING
  • MIO

"Pama exists and strives to develop, manufacture and supply innovative products in conjunction with the best possible service at all times ensuring a high level of reliability and availability."

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